dark tower comic cover pre book 15-5

Hier das Cover zur fünften und finalen Ausgabe der aktuell laufenden Bitter Medicine-Reihe.

Infos laut Marvel Website:
Writer: Peter David, Robin Furth
Penciller: Jonathan Marks
Cover Artist: Nimit Malavia

Odetta Holmes and Detta Walker’s chapter comes to a close with this powerful issue! In an epic shootout with the police, Roland fights for his life on the streets of New York! In the midst of the chaos, Odetta will discover the true depths of her powers, as a third personality emerges!

Kompletter Titel: Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three – Bitter Medicine #5

Erscheinungsdatum: 31. August 2016.

Lange Tage und angenehme Nächte!

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